Friday, October 29, 2010

Body in Revolt.


"I am in pain, suffering, stifled in a twilight of tragic chance. This is my life, the Lyme life, the burden I am forced to carry and no choice in the matter did I ever have." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

I often suffer from an inflammatory experience that I call "Broken Bone Syndrome", that leaves me feeling like a hit and run victim who did not receive any medical attention. It's a tiring trial and by no means am I special for it. I am one of millions locked in battle with a malady that found us in stealth. So often do others take for granted the simple things in life that pass us by each day, whereas those of us in this seat must savor each moment. Symptoms come and go and with them goes the ability to do the things you love. Lyme is loss, no other words describe it better. I wane often between complete despair and enveloping optimism, the earth trembling in the wake of my strength. The brevity of both my light and my dark are an ever-present atomic force. I have grown to understand the separation of the body and the mind, so often ascending from the triviality of the infectious fire that desecrates my body each and every day. To survive I have learned to stand, teeth clenched and head high, no-nonsense in a bright shower of steadfast determination. This skill we must all learn to withstand the towering wave before us.

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