Thursday, November 18, 2010

Like Dreaming Awake.

I cannot sleep and have not slept normally in a long while. At first it began with sleeping all night and then all the day, then I started sleeping less and less in length and more in multiple naps. This is where I am now.

I simply nap for a few hours and wake up no more rested than when I laid down. Add to this that I now have nightmares and strange dreams whenever I fall asleep, it's become nearly impossible to get any sort of restful slumber whatsoever. It feels much like dreaming awake. I don't ever really feel like I slept, so the world has become a pseudo-reality to me, trapping my mind in a suffocating insomniac state.

I would love just for one night to be able to sleep for ten hours, instead of two then four then three. It would be a gift beyond any amount of cash or gold.

When you spend your time praying for sleep and not to strike it rich, it's a sad state.

I live in that place- Tired, USA.

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