Sunday, December 5, 2010

Letters from Lymeland & Other Insanities.

I apologize that I haven't been doing much on this blog lately. I've been very busy working on a Lyme Disease awareness project.

It's a letter-writing campaign created by my lovely friend Bambi Albert to help spread the word about the plight of Lyme disease patients.

The past couple of weeks has been spent putting together our website, a large list of places where participants can send their letters, writing the letters themselves and doing a good amount of PR and getting the message out to the proper Lyme authorities.

Along the way so many different people have aided in getting this campaign off the ground. To all of you, you know who you are, I owe you a million thanks. 

To Bambi, I love ya to death for starting this and for being such a good friend to let me get involved. You have brought hope to so many!

Anyone interested in getting involved, please check out our site @:

Aside from the above craziness I have also been going through some tough times. Throughout the Thanksgiving holiday I was sick much of the time. I seem to have lost my ability to travel well in the car and end up quite incapacitated when it comes to long distances. I've felt under the weather a lot lately, but have forged on as much as possible. 

I am not allowing this beast to keep me down!

On December 8th, 2010, three days from now, I have my next appointment with my LLMD. I was recently tested for liver enzyme levels and co-infections and have gotten back half of those results. Thankfully my liver enzymes have dropped significantly after ceasing antibiotics for a few months, so I am hoping to be placed back on them after this visit.

While both myself and my doctor are still likely to question some of the results, due to his chosen lab not being the best, I have tentatively tested negative for Ehrlichiosis. My electrolytes came back low however and I am uncertain about the other half of the results. 

I am curious to see where my CD57 level currently is. As of my last appointment it had dropped over thirty points.

Sadly even test results don't mean much when it comes to Lyme and company. I've already been told by my LLMD that there is a good chance he will treat me for some co-infections based off clinical diagnosis, so everything is up in the air right now.

Here's to feeling better, battling the monsters within and pushing forward on the quest for a cure! 

Updates coming soon....

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