Wednesday, July 28, 2010

LLMD Visit #3, Follow-Up

My trip to the doctor was simple as usual. I woke up early in the morning with a headache like Vietnam and an overwhelming sense of being unwell. This is my daily life- this is the Lyme life.

So we traveled 112 miles across the state and ended up arriving early, getting in to see the doctor early as well.

I finally got to see my Thyroid test results and not-so-surprisingly- it's compromised! I have high Cortisol and low T4. My doctor was obviously concerned about this, but was also concerned about how sick I've been since starting my Lyme treatment. During the entire duration there was little to no break in my herx cycles, so he felt it best to take me off of one of the antibiotics (Doxycycline) to allow me to build up my immune system first.

He wants me to do this by reworking my diet- which up until now has been high in carbohydrates. This being one of the spirochete's favorite food items I obviously know it's no longer a good idea to eat carbs in abundance.

However, I wasn't all too confident about any type of diet until my Thyroid was put into check with medication, due to the hunger pangs it causes, but now with the medication working on my side I feel much better about moving forward.

I am also going to work on rebuilding my immune system by introducing a number of vital supplements into my daily regiment as well as revitalizing my body's detox centers. Hopefully by doing this I will be better able to handle the spirochete die-off as more antibiotics are added to my treatment protocol once again.

That's pretty much all for now. I have to start following a diet that contains very little gluten, no dairy and lot's of fresh produce. Lean antibiotic and preservative-free protein sources are also at the top of the menu.

More health updates soon.

Monday, July 19, 2010

LLMD Visit, #2

Later on this morning I will be heading off for my second appointment with my LLMD. I have been on my current treatment protocol for two months now and have spent the majority of that time at the mercy of a rather rigorous herxing schedule. Since starting my current round of antibiotics I have had very few days where my symptoms were not as worse as before the medications were introduced.

I have tried my best to use simple detox strategies, like drinking a lot of water (with fresh lemon juice added in as well), but have made sure to continue researching more definitive forms of cleansing. I have noticed that toxin overload has become quite a problem for me throughout the beginning of my treatment and have looked into many options. During my appointment today I plan to ask my doctor for his opinion of the items I have chosen to focus on and whether he has any suggestions. I know that Glutathione IV detox is something that he is experienced with, so I definitely have interest in at least looking into that.

I've also got a pretty extensive list of vitamin supplements I want to slowly introduce into my protocol, but didn't want to jump the gun and order anything before seeing if there was something on my list that he didn't agree with me taking.

There is also the subject of Lyme Disease Biofilm destruction that is of particular interest and importance to me. I took inspiration from the book "The Lyme Diet: Nutritional Strategies for Healing from Lyme Disease" by Dr. Nicola McFadzean. If given the heads-up I will be definitely be proceeding with slowly incorporating this sub-protocol into my overall treatment.

My final medication-based query for my LLMD is about working Andrographis into my antibacterial protocol. This would place my antibiotic load at between two to three prescription and one natural.

After these concerns, at the top of my list is co-infections. My symptomology is indicative that I may be infected with either Babesia, Bartonella or both and this concerns me greatly. As is common knowledge, if you don't treat co-infections properly progress against Lyme is unlikely. I sincerely hope that I am not co-infected but I am also a realist and know that the risk is high. What bothers me most is not necessarily if I am co-infected or not, but that the consequences of being so will mean more medication, more supplements and more strain not only on my insurance but also on my wallet.

There's also a few other topics I plan to touch upon while at my doctor's office, but there is no need to go into details at this time. As developments arise I will make sure to keep everyone updated. So, in about four hours my fiancee and I will be getting in the car and driving half-way across the state and then back again not much later- all for the sake of getting better.

It's amazing the lengths to which we have to go to battle this disease.

- Kenneth M.