Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The 99% w/ Lyme: Ticked Off and Shouting!!

Life has been hectic the past few months. I seriously have been more busy since getting sick than I ever was before. From the horrifying reality of my diagnosis with Lyme Disease to the difficulties and complications of treatment and the emotional fallout of both, I have channeled all of this negativity and darkness into something that is actually helping people, including myself. 

There is such a lack of education about Lyme Disease, the atmosphere surrounding this ever-growing epidemic rife with urban legends and purposeful misinformation, that it comes as no shock to me that Lyme is running rampant with no decline in sight. 

Since beginning my journey into Lyme advocacy I have met so many people with Lyme or who believe that they may be suffering from the disease, there are times when I just want to break down and cry. So many lives destroyed and so very little that is being done by the mainstream medical establishment- it is enough to make you want scream at the top of your lungs! 

This is partly the reason for my nearly two month disappearance from the internet. Everywhere I went I was coming into contact with heart-wrenching stories of families torn apart and lives forever changed, even lost. It all became to much for me to deal with, so I had to extract myself from the situation and reorganize my thoughts so I could return to my advocacy work with a fresh mind and more stable sense of self. 

The culmination of this personal collapse was the highly emotional experience of protesting the IDSA at their national conference in Boston, MA on October 22nd, 2011. It was an amazing day, that I will remember always, but also brought up feelings of uncertainty and anger, at how this disease could have been allowed to go this far and damage so many and how anyone, let alone a person in position of power, could willingly deny millions of people a fair chance at a healthy life. It’s frustrating even to think about it and a reflection of an even broader problem that is currently effecting 99% of Americans, especially the sick. 

I will be frank in my opinion- the American medical establishment is a complete and utter failure, built on a reliance to cookie-cutter diagnostic guidelines and pharmaceutical force-feeding. I refer to this as “Meat Market” medicine, where the process of treatment has largely become a homogenized and impersonal experience. 

Patient enters, problem discerned from a predetermined list, prescriptions given, patient is sent home- rinse, repeat. 

Anything that occurs outside of this cycle is considered suspicious or disruptive. 

Doctors are no longer the ones making the decisions that are supposed to benefit your health. That role has been taken over by the insurance companies, who make their “medical” decisions based off of what is more cost-effective to them, rather than what is better for the patient. 

It is incredibly disheartening when you are now capable of receiving more adequate and thorough treatment by your pet’s veterinarian than from your own primary care physician. How very sad, but completely grounded in reality. 

Modern medical ethics are being swallowed up by the corruption of corporate greed and it is taking us all down with it. Many may disagree with the idea that corporations are at the center of the problem that is plaguing mainstream medicine, but the evidence points nowhere else. 

When a nation’s Congress owns stock in the very pharmaceutical companies that are increasingly limiting our access to affordable medicine and organizations dedicated to “public safety” now spend most of their time deceiving the public they are supposed to be protecting, there is something very wrong indeed. 

There has to be a change in our current medical establishment if there is ever going to truly be “equal access to care for all”. The conflicts of interest at play in institutions such as the IDSA, CDC and NIH by themselves are enough to scare the hell out of anyone, let alone what is at play behind closed doors in relation to the insurance companies and Big Phrama. 

The value of a human life shouldn't ever be measured by whether it is cost-effective or not. Everyone, no matter who they are, deserves access to the best treatments possible and purposefully denying such equal access is a crime! 

We are not invisible, We are not going away, We will not be silenced!

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  1. Wow Kenny, I have not heard anyone say it better. From "epidemic rife with urban legends and purposeful misinformatio" to "insurance companies, who make their “medical” decisions based off of what is more cost-effective to them, rather than what is better for the patient." I can not think of better points to make...you said it well friend.. Let's continue to fight for our rights to health care and to expose the injustices being done to millions in our country over corporate greed and power.