Friday, October 21, 2011

Weathering the Storm, and other Sentiments.

Once again I am guilty of being absent from my blog and of turning my twitter into an orphan (I apologize), but with my busy schedule, projects and daily life combined, I rarely have time to blog, let alone keep the entirety of the social networking world updated on my moving and shaking.

As usual I've been very productive, continuing to hold a monthly support group for Lyme patients and their families along with other community awareness projects.

My most recent project, a public screening of Under Our Skin at a local library, was a massive success, with over 40 attendees, including a local Lyme-Literate doctor. The Q & A that followed the film also went very well, with many attendees remaining afterward to discuss both what they saw in the film as well as Lyme Disease in general. Since the screening there has been a growing interest in future showings of the film, with one in the works and two other possible showings likely to occur as well.

Due to the kindness of others I have also been able to build a library of excellent educational materials, including books, brochures and even a copy of Under Our Skin. These items are on display at each monthly support group meeting and were also available at the public screening of Under Our Skin (I used the donated copy of the film for the screening, in fact.). I also took the time to share some of these materials with my primary care doctor and received a kind and supportive reaction in return.

On the home-front, I've made a lot of progress in terms of finding a good LLMD, something I thought I found last year, but was sorely mistaken.

However, my health has continued to degrade, with neurological dysfunction becoming more and more obvious and days of "baseline" sickness occurring less frequently. Living with Lyme Disease is certainly a battle, but one that I am determined to continue fighting.

I begin antibiotic treatment at the beginning of November and have slowly been building up my supplement intake over the past two months. I know that what's to come will be a struggle, but I am prepared. As they say, "You must always weather the storm before the sun can shine". That sentiment could be no truer than it is right now.

I will be sure to make regular updates so that those who might learn from my experience may do so. Until then, talk soon.

Love to you all,